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Resurrection Forest

Connected to: SCP-682


Special Containment Procedures

The area of SCP-2706 is to be fenced off with at least two patrols guarding the perimeter at all times. Should an instance of SCP-2706-2 be located, it is to be retrieved and released into its natural habitat. MTF λ-6 (Elmer Fudds) are to be equipped with standard tranquilizer firearms when searching for an instance of SCP-2706-2.

If any instance of SCP-2706-2 becomes hostile and detrimental to the survival of MTF λ-6, then the mobile task force has full authorization to utilize any firepower available within Area-37 armory. Should an instance of SCP-2706-2 be too dangerous for normal engagement parameters then Procedure 442 Kito-Fas is to be enacted.


SCP-2706 is a white oak (Quercus alba) forest located thirty-six kilometers east of Clarksburg, West Virginia. The trees located within SCP-2706 (known as SCP-2706-1 instances) are unusually sturdy (with the density of an individual instance measuring 44.32 g/cm3). All SCP-2706-1 instances have between 3-10 abnormal growths (similar in appearance to burls) attached to their trunk.

Periodically these abnormal growths will produce an organism of the animalia kingdom (referred to as SCP-2706-2 instances) through a process that is not fully understood. SCP-2706-2 instances are produced at different stages of development and are anatomically normal. All attempts to remove an SCP-2706-2 instance from an instance of SCP-2706-1 have resulted in the death of the organism.

SCP-2706 was first recovered when the corpse of a bottle-nose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) was found in the area. Local authorities subsequently discovered a number of non-native animals in the area, including a pair of cheetahs, a kangaroo, six penguins, an anaconda, and two rhinoceros. All animals recovered were re-released into their natural habitat. Assets embedded in local law enforcement notified the Foundation, which established Area-37 in order to contain further SCP-2706-2 instances.