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Cry me a river

Connected to: SCP-629SCP-2412

Example of SCP-2519-1 created in Test 2519-24, with lyrics found (in post-test analysis) to have been generated by Alexandra.aic

Special Containment Procedures

One instance of SCP-2519 is to be stored on a flash drive in a standard electronic item storage locker at Site-15. Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 ("Skynet") is to establish web crawler programs to detect sharing of SCP-2519 files, and is to investigate evidence of infection by SCP-2519 of known artificial intelligences.

Further testing of SCP-2519 is subject to permission from the Director of Site-15, and is to be conducted in a soundproof, airtight, Faraday-shielded testing room.


SCP-2519 is a digital audio file named "Babylon.mp3", which encodes the 3-part round "By the waters of Babylon", based on the music written by Philip Hayes (1738-1797) and set to the text of Psalm 137. Audio analysis indicates that the recorded music is played by a small cylinder music box.

Electronic devices used to play the file, or mechanical systems exposed to audio playback of the file, are subject to one or more of the following effects:

  • reduction in speed and efficiency of operation
  • leakage of oil and other fluids
  • cessation of function

These continue for the duration of exposure, and have been known to recur at later intervals. SCP-2519 has not been observed to have any effect on living organisms.

SCP-2519 has the following additional effects where the capabilities of the exposed device permit:

  • duplication and automatic distribution of SCP-2519 to other devices on any accessible network
  • the generation of additional data comprising new lines of music (designated SCP-2519-1) with harmonies based on the original round; these are added to the SCP-2519 file

While these effects are typical for certain types of malware, the SCP-2519 file contains no data or code that would produce these results.

The existence of SCP-2519 was discovered through Foundation monitoring of dark net communications about a virus encoded within an otherwise normal MP3 file. Following isolation of the original file, an additional 6,997 instances of SCP-2519-1 were also identified and contained. Selected test logs are set out below.

Test SCP-2519-09 - 11/14/2016

Subject: Standard Foundation air-gapped testing computer, fitted with speakers.

Procedure: SCP-2519 was loaded to the testing computer, and played aloud.

Results: First testing involving playing of SCP-2519 audio. One SCP-2519-1 instance generated. 30% loss of processing speed within test computer, consistent with previous tests. Monitoring camera in testing chamber ceased recording during experiment, with function returning spontaneously at conclusion of test. Repetition of test provided evidence that exposure to SCP-2519 audio was the cause of the camera's loss of function.

Test SCP-2519-12 - 11/17/2016

Subject: 1.3L four-stroke petrol car engine.

Procedure: The engine was started and then exposed to SCP-2519 audio played from the testing computer.

Results: Testing computer and camera experienced expected reductions in functionality. After 45 seconds of exposure to SCP-2519, the engine stalled and would not restart. Unexpectedly, the engine's oil tank began leaking, with the loss of approximately three litres of oil. The leaked oil was observed to form patterns on the testing chamber floor, which were photographed for analysis.

Following Site-Director approval, SCP-2519 was cleared for cross testing with Safe-class machine intelligences.