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Shine, shine my Fallen Star

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2454 is to remain anchored at its current position by steel wire tethers that are to be replaced biannually or as deemed necessary by Command. Patrol ships are to maintain a 5 km perimeter around SCP-2454, preventing unauthorized access. Due to environmental conditions, all Foundation personnel are to be equipped with cold weather attire. The use of earplugs is mandatory, due to the deafening vocalizations of SCP-2454-1.

Personnel are to be rotated every three months due to the physiological and psychological stress caused by the low temperature, remote nature of the location, lack of direct sunlight, and the persistent vocalizations of SCP-2454-1.

Boarding SCP-2454 is strictly prohibited until further notice.


SCP-2454 is a 134.16 m length cruise ship. Research into the origins of the vessel revealed that it had been registered anonymously to the Bahamas Maritime Authority, a popular flag of convenience1. The Foundation has since been able to trace ownership, through transaction records and the questioning of Bahamas Maritime Authority employees, to Rufus Dreschner - film producer and high ranking member of the Fifth Church.

Infrared readings have revealed a humanoid entity within the lower hold which has since been classified as SCP-2454-1. SCP-2454-1 continuously vocalizes at >150 dB. These vocalizations, along with the observed movements of SCP-2454-1, are suggestive of a perpetual state of pain and an inability to leave the room in which they are located. SCP-2454-1 emits a periodic burst of radiation on par with ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECR)2, highly lethal3 but quickly dissipating for reasons still unknown. These bursts occur approximately every 9 minutes. Electronics brought aboard SCP-2454 are immediately rendered inoperable regardless of when a burst event occurs. Non-digital photography is a viable means of gathering information in the limited time allotted for exploration. Objects removed from SCP-2454 rapidly disintegrate, resulting in photography being the only means of gathering information from items and documents discovered aboard.

SCP-2454 was discovered during the investigation of a "double flash" of light detected by an American satellite4 at coordinates 47°S 40°E on September 22, 1979. The event was publicly hypothesized to be the result of a joint South African and Israeli nuclear test near the South African controlled Prince Edward Islands. The Foundation, suspecting a potentially anomalous event, proceeded to investigate.

Passenger manifest and dossiers since recovered from SCP-2454 support the existence of a once extensive crew; however, out of the 1,892 people mentioned, only one has been definitively proven to have ever existed outside of documents found on SCP-2454. Social Security numbers and bank accounts fail to correspond with any persons, living or deceased. Journal entries and missives found on board suggest the purpose of SCP-2454 was to serve as a reeducation center for members (and former members) of the Fifth Church. The general living quarters were found to be cramped and lockable from the outside, closely resembling prison cells; those inhabited by higher ranking members of the Fifth Church were noted to be of ample size and lavishly furnished. Human remains have not been found aboard but clothes are scattered throughout the ship's interior, appearing to have been discarded as entire outfits.

SCP-2454-1 is believed to be Debra Salazar, wife of Carlos Salazar, a wealthy and influential member of the Fifth Church. Debra Salazar had been reported missing by friends and family not associated with the Fifth Church. The Los Angeles Police Department claimed to have investigated the matter, visiting Carlos Salazar's Hollywood mansion, and declaring Debra Salazar to be safe. Despite this, she has not been seen in public since 1974.

Operatives have reported and captured photographs of Foundation-issued equipment in various states of decay throughout SCP-2454. Identification cards do not match recorded personnel, living or deceased, and are considered likely forgeries. Most outfits coincide with those used by the Foundation during the late 1970s, but modern attire has also been photographed. Collectively, Foundation uniforms are estimated to be in the hundreds with a probable maximum of 600 outfits. Certain parts of SCP-2454 are inaccessible due to obstruction by clothes, pistols, radios, and ID cards. Due to the limited time allowed for exploration, the origin of these items remains unknown.

Addendum: On 06/21/1991, a photograph was obtained by a D-Class personnel5 and returned safely to the Foundation Control Ship. The photograph reveals a thick door with an observational window. Although the photograph revealed an empty cell, it appears to be the room containing SCP-2454-1 based on infrared readings. It is possible that SCP-2454-1 cannot be observed by the naked eye. Closer analysis of the photograph uncovered words carved in the back wall of the cell. Although difficult to read, scans with image retrieval software revealed the words:


Recent photographs suggest orange D-Class jumpsuits now outnumber plain clothes and operative attire. Also noted was a sudden jump in discarded cameras within SCP-2454.

The O5 Council has ordered the cessation of all SCP-2454 related exploration and experimentation until further notice.