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Preferred Option

Object Class: Esoteric

Armed Site-47, concealed within the ██████ Refinery in ████████, ██████

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2003 is contained at Armed Site-47, a Type 4 Restricted Zone. In accordance with Type 4 protocols, personnel assigned to SCP-2003 research, security and maintenance must undergo expanded background check procedures, as well as successfully pass a Hoiberg-Kazawa Causality Questionnaire. Access to SCP-2003 itself is limited to XN-SHEPHERD project participants with prior approval from the Director of Site-47.

All information regarding Determinative Sets, Elevated Probability Events, Designated Magnifier Individuals and the XN-SHEPHERD program is classified and accessible only by the Director of Site-47, O5-7, and those personnel read into SCP-2003 security protocols.

Observations of designated indicator data deviating significantly from Determinative Set XN parameters are to be reported immediately to the Director of Site-47 and treated as a Level 5 "Existential Threat" Emergency Response Event.


SCP-2003 is an apparatus allowing a limited degree of travel to and from periods of time in advance of those encountered in the normal course of space-time as understood by mainstream science. SCP-2003 was designed and built by the Foundation over a 25-year period using technology derived from research into SCP-████, SCP-███, and SCP-████. While the technical capabilities and design specifications of SCP-2003 are well-documented and reproduceable if necessary, the scientific and anomalous principles behind its functionality are not understood at this time.

Upon activation, SCP-2003 is capable of transporting a living entity contained within its central chamber to a point coterminous with its present location in physical space but located in a future time period. The amount of time into the future traveled by the subject is related to the amount of energy input into SCP-2003. An approximate estimate of 3500 kWh in order to send a subject seven months into the future has been documented; however, this relationship becomes unpredictable at higher energy levels.

Subjects using SCP-2003 will exist in the time period to which they have traveled for a duration ranging between 15 and 38 weeks before spontaneously returning to the time period of origination at a point coterminous with their present location. For safety purposes, a secure location has been established for operatives to use while waiting for return to their time of origin. Operatives must report subsequent to experiencing 98 days after SCP-2003 activation.

While SCP-2003 enables chronological travel for living subjects, the activation process has proven severely damaging to most types of animal and plant tissue. The only exception documented to date has been tissue related to the animal nervous system. As a result, personnel designated for SCP-2003 travel must be prepared accordingly (see additional documentation for details).

Testing has shown that under current conditions, SCP-2003 remains functional and under Foundation control through December of 2348.

Data collected using SCP-2003 is imprecise. Early exploratory missions yielded copious amounts of data regarding what appeared to be future events. However, subsequent observation has established that these observations are not entirely predictive. For instance, while collected data allowed Foundation assets to prevent a major security breach of SCP-███ at Site-19 in 1997, a catastrophic earthquake originating off the coast of the Western United States (observed directly by several field agents using SCP-2003) failed to occur as predicted in 1999. As more data has been collected, meta-analysis has properly contextualized observations and has assigned a probability of occurrence for major events in the future.

Certain individuals appear to affect causality disproportionately. As Foundation cataloguing of possible future events increased following the completion of more exploratory missions, certain events were deemed to be undesirable for the Foundation's mission. Early attempts to influence these events met with mixed success; while manipulation and/or elimination of some individuals achieved mission goals, other Foundation attempts to influence events failed to alter outcomes at all, even when several actors deemed to be essential were liquidated. Meta-analysis has determined that in some cases, the actions (or indeed very existence) of individuals with no discernible relation to major events, sometimes in regions thousands of kilometers away, have profound and immediate impacts on these events. Since this discovery, research staff has maintained a database of these individuals.

Few cohesive "futures" are tolerable to the continued beneficial existence of humanity. While observed conditions exhibit a tendency towards variation upon each exploratory mission, a number of loosely consistent "timelines" have been observed, cataloged in Foundation databases as Determinative Sets. Most Determinative Sets consist of a collective future that either renders Earth unsuitable for human civilization (and in some cases life in total), or results in conditions directly inimical to the well-being of most of humanity. The reasons for the relative paucity of long-term survival scenarios, if any exist, are unknown at this time, as is any connection to the steadily-increasing observation of anomalous phenomena documented across the Foundation.