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Bag of Holding Potatoes


Special Containment Procedures

SCP-1689 is currently under restricted access in Area ██ medium-size artifact storage, Compartment ██. SCP-1689 is to be stored tied shut with its mouth facing upwards at all times. Access is limited to Level 3 personnel, with the exception of site cooking staff.

Exploratory access to SCP-1689-A requires approval from a Level 4 personnel. All expeditions must be documented with a complete manifest of equipment and staff to enter. Enzymatic Compound 13 has been developed to aid in exploration of SCP-1689-A.

Proposals to establish a mobile site in SCP-1689-A are currently under review.


SCP-1689 is a burlap bag of potatoes. In its stable state, SCP-1689 weighs 40-50 kg and contains approximately two hundred (200) common agricultural potatoes (tubers of Solanum tuberosum). SCP-1689 is made of brown, roughly woven jute.

The interior of SCP-1689 is vastly larger than its exterior, and is designated SCP-1689-A. SCP-1689-A is a large extradimensional space of undetermined volume (measured to be at least 10,000m3, but believed to be much greater) completely filled with potatoes. Exploration of SCP-1689-A is largely incomplete, due to the high degree of obstruction; for more information, please see Addendum-2, Exploration Log 1689-I.


Potato recovered from SCP-1689 in an early stage of growth

When portions of SCP-1689-A are empty, nearby potatoes experience an abnormal form of growth characterized by tumor-like bulges emerging and eventually splitting into fully-sized independent potatoes. The rate of growth is roughly exponential with a doubling period of approximately two hours. This effect also applies to normal potatoes introduced to SCP-1689, as well as similar edible tubers or roots such as yams and sweet potatoes (although none have been found to occur within SCP-1689 naturally).

Addendum 1689-1: SCP-1689 was recovered from Krysovo, a small village of approximately two hundred (200) people in northern Siberia. A Russian official reported on 2 June 201█ that Krysovo had made no outside contact in four decades and had no surrounding farmland. The reports were confiscated and investigated by the Foundation, at which point it was discovered that the village had been using SCP-1689 as its sole food source for well over a century. As a result, the villagers were suffering from extreme calcium and iron deficiencies. No one in the village was able to recall how they had come into possession of SCP-1689, only that it had been there "since before the Reds" and that it was "a gift for working hard." SCP-1689 was subsequently transported to Area ██, its current location.

Addendum 1689-2 Currently, only one fully equipped expedition into SCP-1689-A has taken place. Authorized personnel may view the Mission Log of Captain Cameron Wells: Exploration Log 1689-I.