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Soul Brother

Connected to: SCP-092

SCP-1523 during Interview 1523-01

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-1523 is to be secured in Storage Locker L at Site 40's Safe containment facility. When testing, SCP-1523 is to be lit with a handheld gas lighter. While SCP-1523 is burning, it is to be enclosed in an airtight chamber with all attending personnel wearing gas masks to avoid propagation or inhalation of SCP-1523 smoke.

All interactions with SCP-1523 are to be recorded and filed in Interview Log 1523. When testing is concluded, SCP-1523 is to be extinguished promptly. The object is never to burn while unattended.


SCP-1523 is an orange-brown incense coil. While SCP-1523 is burning, the object displays sapience; it is responsive to verbal stimuli and capable of speech, using a voice identical to that of a musician named █████████████1 The object possesses complete memory of █████'s life2. The Foundation cannot determine whether SCP-1523 held the same personality traits in life; its current demeanor, including its obsession with religion, may result from its current form.

According to SCP-1523's account, it was created on 05/04/05 in a "star chapel" of the North American cult known as the Fifth Church during a "cleansing ritual". SCP-1523 was stored in a closet, suspended on an incense holder which bore a tag reading "BROTHER █████ TERRES TRIAL MIND". Following a Foundation sting (see EID Operations Report 6-11-05, "Operation Stargazer"), several ritual items were secured, including SCP-1523, which underwent experimentation due to its unusual nomenclature, then was designated and contained.