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Fertile Soil

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-124 is to be kept in a 4.2 m x 2.1 m stone pit in its containment cell. The pit is 1.5 metres deep. A plastic tarp is to be placed over SCP-124 when not in use. Absolutely no biological matter is allowed within one metre of SCP-124 when not being studied. An armed guard is to be stationed outside SCP-124's cell at all times.


SCP-124 is a plot of soil approximately 9 m2 in area and 14 m3 in size. It was recovered from a Detroit basement when authorities were notified of two teenagers growing large amounts of marijuana.

SCP-124 has the ability to grow any biological organism to its full potential in a relatively short amount of time (the length varies according to the complexity of the organism). Nothing growing in SCP-124 requires external nutrients or other resources (for example, a tomato plant would not require water or light). Pesticides, too, aren't needed, as SCP-124 has a repellent effect on any insect or other invertebrates not growing in it. Any food grown in SCP-124 is reported to be of very high quality, taste, and nutrition, no matter what state the food was in before being planted in SCP-124.

Document 124-1: List of items grown in SCP-124

The following is a selective list of objects grown in SCP-124 during experiments.

Input - Product of SCP-124

Tomato Seed - Fully grown tomato plant. All tomatoes (12 on each plant) were ripe and juicy. Reported to be "Very tasty".

Small Watermelon (0.8 kg) - 11.1 kg (24.5 lb) watermelon. Reported to be "very sweet and tasty".

Grass Seed (1) - SCP-124 quickly sprouted into a lush, green lawn within a matter of seconds. Slight dew on the grass.

Small, overgrown hedge - A hedge, trimmed and shaped like a dolphin.

Small, overgrown hedge - A hedge, trimmed and shaped like a skull.

Small Labrador Retriever puppy (sandy brown) - A fully grown, bronze-colored Labrador Retriever in peak condition. Currently living with Dr. Church.

Small Caucasian fetus (male) - [DATA EXPUNGED] After killing 6 personnel, the subject was terminated by SCP Containment Team.

Fly larvae - [DATA EXPUNGED] Level 5 lockdown was initiated.