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Clingy Transient

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-1204 is contained in SCP-1204-A. SCP-1204-A should be contained in a standard containment cell measuring 4 m x 4 m, armed with infrared sensors and cameras. This cell may be furnished at the site director’s discretion as long as said changes to the containment environment do not compromise security. SCP-1204-A is not permitted to leave the room unless accompanied by at least two armed guards who have passed a psychological evaluation. Physical contact with SCP-1204 is not recommended. Subject is not permitted to leave the room until a decision toward transfer of SCP-1204-A or termination is reached.


SCP-1204 does not seem to be visible by sight alone and is not susceptible to most forms of physical contact save for electric pulse. Its composition is not yet known. CT scans reveal the shape of an amorphic tumor-like mass located in the brain of SCP-1204-A-50 (a Hispanic female, approximately 21 years of age) near the hippocampus, although resulting images vary greatly on each separate occasion, revealing the mass in separate locations within the brain.

RESEARCHERS' NOTE: It is the consensus of researchers that the mass is a highly mobile mass, similar in size to an adult human heart although results are inconclusive.

The entity itself does not seem to have a harmful physical effect on SCP-1204-A during a typical habitation aside from a substantial effect on hormonal balance, mainly resulting in severe mood swings. See Document 1204-18: for details on prolonged habitation.

SCP-1204 will remain within SCP-1204-A until transferring to another host. The process by which this is achieved appears to be a contracting of ’mass’ which originates near the pharynx and leads out through the mouth of SCP-1204-A. The process ends with SCP-1204 relocating to another host and takes between 6 to 12 minutes. This process requires extended oral contact between each party; tendrils seen between the two openings via infrared cameras reveal the process of “phasing” between the two parties to take place relatively slowly. SCP-1204 seems to cause euphoria within SCP-1204-A and its new host for the short duration of the transfer for what can be assumed to help ensure successful relocation. SCP-1204-A expires from internal bleeding after the process has completed. Testing reveals small but fatal tears near the rear of the nasal cavity and ventral portions of the brain in SCP-1204-A after transfer. This suggests a tow on brain tissue during migration. Reasons behind the fatality of SCP-1204-A are not yet known, as the entity usually appears to phase harmlessly through different portions of the body in all other circumstances. Further examinations reveal the absence of a hippocampus in deceased subjects.

New hosts of SCP-1204 do not seem to be aware of SCP-1204's existence and do not claim a noticeable change in affect or experience when under the influence of SCP-1204, although repeated testing and observation has shown that subjects under the influence of SCP-1204 will become increasingly hypersocial, devoting significant amounts of time seeking out physical contact. SCP-1204-A will experience "strong feelings of loneliness" as well as extreme idolization of one potential romantic partner. Sexual interaction only appears to be incidental when under the influence of SCP-1204.

SCP-1204 was discovered after an unusual string of 'murder' and 'suicide' reports were uncovered by Foundation search algorithms reviewing local papers from portions of the lower southeastern United States, ranging from Palm Harbor, Florida to Clarksville, Tennessee. This linked string of incidents seems to have coincided over the course of 10 years and involved more than ███ individuals before SCP-1204 was detected by the Foundation and recovered. The origin of SCP-1204 has yet to be discovered due to inconsistencies in public records.

Document 1204-12:
Foreword: The following is from the journal of SCP-1204-A-45.

I’ll just preface this by saying that I always felt like I could never be too close to you. I’ve felt that way for a while. I hope you’re at peace wherever you are now. It feels like you're so far away now… I don't know how I'm going to get through this…


Please don’t get angry at me for meeting with ██████ tonight. It just hurts, it hurts so bad… I need someone to help ease the pain.

Why did you have to die?

Document 1204-13:
Foreword: The following is from a note found on the premises of SCP-1204-A-20.

I just feel like when we're hugging and stuff that I want to be closer, you know? Like I can't be any more close to you than possible. It's like, I don't know! It's such a weird feeling, like when we're lying down together like I just want to, I don't know, like, be you for just a second?

Haha, hope that doesn't sound to creepy. ILY! Text me! <3 <3

Document 1204-17:
Foreword: The following is an e-mail found on SCP-1204-A-43s computer.

I jumped the first guy I saw at the party. No kissing or anything. I'm really a piece of work aren't I Grace? Paul would hate me if he knew what I was doing. I'm just so fucking lonely. Maybe I'm trying to shake off Paul. I don't fucking know anymore.

Come by my place later so we can talk, okay?


Document 1204-18
Foreword: The following is a written account from the current host of SCP-1204; SCP-1204-A-50, a D-Class suffering from oneirophrenia. The cause of the disorder is believed to be a result of prolonged isolation and internal effect from SCP-1204. D-Class began showing signs of increasing instability including psychotic outbursts, delusional thoughts and at times attempted to assault researchers during testing.

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you let me the fuck out you stupid cunt you want to keep dr. ███ for yourself you stupid cunt you jealous cunt thats why you have me locked in here because this is all part of your stupid plan dumb fuck i didnt even care about that faggot convict fuck you just put me in here so you could have dr. ███. you know im better than that faggot. let me inside. it wants you. it doesn't want me, it says i can be with you. if i can get to you. we can both be with you. when can get to you

Note: The mental state of SCP-1204-A-50 appears to be deteriorating over time, and the subject's jaw appears to be expanding, the mouth appearing visibly larger. The decision to terminate or transfer of SCP-1204 is currently being discussed among site command.