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A Cry for Help

Connected to: SCP-1322


Special Containment Procedures

SCP-1142 is to be contained in a standard non-humanoid holding cell at Site-12. An automated recording system is to monitor SCP-1142 at all times. Two Level 2 members of technical staff are to inspect any recordings made on a daily basis and, in case of a transmission having been picked up, are to provide this transmission to the current translation operative for conversion from its original German into English. A full report is then to be submitted to the current Level 4 project lead as per the protocols for interreality relations. The battery SCP-1142 carries is to be checked on the first of every month for signs of deterioration. SCP-1142's propulsion systems have been disabled to simplify containment.


SCP-1142 is a Goliath tracked mine (original designation Leichter Ladungsträger Goliath (Sd.Kfz. 303b)) as used by the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War. SCP-1142 shows no signs of aging and although originally designed to carry an explosive charge, contains a heavily modified Kw.E.a Wehrmacht radio receiver within its housing. The modified components are of a design and complexity inconsistent with the level of German technology during the middle of the twentieth century. SCP-1142 relies on a gasoline engine for propulsion and carries an early model thermal battery for the operation of the receiver.

At irregular intervals, transmissions in German have been recorded from SCP-1142. In all cases, contact has been made by an individual referring to himself as Brigadeführer ████ ███████ (designated SCP-1142-1). Historical research has verified his existence, though records show him to have been killed during Allied military action at █████ on ██/██/19██. Analysis of transmissions recorded have yielded several critical points of divergence from our timeline. These include:

  • Several individuals not currently known to have held offices within the Wehrmacht occupying key positions within that body
  • Large-scale deaths among German civilians from an unknown pathogen with symptoms resembling acute necrotizing fasciitis
  • A sinkhole with a diameter of approximately sixteen kilometers appearing in the Lublin province of Poland in late 19██
  • Reports of mass destruction of German settlements by unknown forces
  • Allied powers isolating the European continent, with troop action being focused on containment of [REDACTED]
  • Development of reality gating technology in 19██

In addition, SCP-1142-1 claims to be broadcasting from ██████████, Austria in the year 19██. In light of this and the aforementioned divergences, transmissions received through SCP-1142 have been deemed to originate from an alternate reality iteration designated Dm-AX/15487-A. Additional classification as intertemporal is pending. Recorded transmissions from SCP-1142 indicate Dm-AX/15487-A is experiencing or has experienced a ZK-Class Reality Failure scenario.

At this time, communications are restricted to receiving and recording the signal broadcast by SCP-1142-1 from Dm-AX/15487-A; attempts to initiate contact with or send a signal to Dm-AX/15487-A have proven ineffectual. Following the events of Foundation communication with SCP-1322-A, further research into initiating contact with SCP-1142-1 or responding to its transmissions has been suspended.

Addendum 1142-A-01: Recovery and preliminary containment notes

SCP-1142 was discovered in a barn on the outskirts of Fürstenzell, Germany on ██/██/20██. German authorities, alerted by the owner found SCP-1142 idling and, after recognizing its original purpose, brought in the Kampfmittelräumdienst (KRD) to defuse it. A covert contact within that service alerted local Foundation agents when she found SCP-1142 showed no signs of age and did in fact not contain an explosive charge. A recovery team then managed to extract it from the German authorities and transported it to Site-12.

Addendum 1142-A-02 Excerpts from transmission log 1142/L/DE-EN:15rev1.04

This is Brigadefüher ████ ███████. Is there anyone out*unintelligible*this signal? I am broadcasting from the ████████ observatory. There are six*unintelligible*left. If anyone is out there, please make contact*unintelligible*

Ahnenerbe*unintelligible*Hauptsturmführer █████ ███ ████████*unintelligible*ignored what*unintelligible*number of sacrifices*unintelligible*now*unintelligible*retreating from*unintelligible*German people will not*unintelligible*solace

I am reminded*unintelligible*wrath*unintelligible*efforts in Poland*unintelligible*gone now. It sank into*unintelligible*lost our entire force*unintelligible*once more, please respond

*unintelligible*please, we*unintelligible*begging, if anyone*unintelligible*our surrender is unconditional*unintelligible*gone. We did not understand*unintelligible*dealing with, could not reason*unintelligible*was the last *unintelligible*gone now

Attempts to*unintelligible*failure. This is our last*unintelligible*it eats*unintelligible*covered in*unintelligible*many millions dead. Please*unintelligible*are able to hear this broadcast. Once again, this is Brigadeführer ████ ███████ broadcasting from the*unintelligible*Reichsführer was*unintelligible*ago, no contact*unintelligible*we seek*unintelligible*please

*unintelligible*attempted to negotiate*unintelligible*swarming with*unintelligible*lost too many*unintelligible*only option. We are begging*unintelligible*were wrong

If Germany*unintelligible*fall, the world*unintelligible*we implore*unintelligible*help us now*unintelligible*time of need. You will be*unintelligible*